Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if any other question.

Will the wallpaper comes in exact dimensions?

We always add one inches for the safe installation.

Do I need to add extra to my measurements?

You don't need to add extra. We always add one inch extra to Width and Height for safe installation.

How do I hang the wallpaper?

The wallpaper comes in panels/pieces. The wallpaper is easy to hang and we include detailed instructions and wallpaper paste. The wallpaper is delivered in numbered panels, which are hung with no overlaps. The paste is applied straight onto the wall and the numbered panels are hung edge to edge.Top tip!! Add on a bit extra (3-5 cm to the height/width) as walls and ceilings are rarely completely straight.

Is wallpaper paste included?

No, we don't add glue because of shipping rules.

How do I make wallpaper from my own photo?

Please send the photos with an e-mail to our great customer service. Our e-mail:

How do I know whether my image is a high enough resolution?

When you are uploading an image and cropping it to the size you want, there’s a quality meter as part of the ordering function that shows the quality you need for images printed as wallpaper. If the image quality isn’t high enough, you won’t be able to order. One simple rule is to always upload your image at the highest possible resolution. If you are using one of our ready-made designs there’s a recommended largest size for the wallpaper.

Is wallpaper good for walls?

Wallpapers are perfect for your walls. They are durable and slow to wear and tear, making them ideal for your home. Wallpapers come in various designs, textures, and materials, making them easily adaptable to your taste and preference. If you want to bring life into your home, then wallpapers are your go-to.

What do you need to put wallpapers on walls?

Before you begin to apply your wallpapers, you should make sure you have the following tools:
1. An application brush: Ensure you get easy to handle wallpaper brush to help you smooth the freshly hung wallpaper to the wall.
2. Plumber line measuring tape: This allows you to make proper measurements before cutting the wallpaper.
3. Snap blade or trimming knife: Snap blade that allows you to cut materials.
4. Wallpaper adhesive: Ensure that wallpaper sticks well on the wall.
5. Table: This allows you to spread the wallpaper and make a cut.
6. Sandpaper: used to smooth the walls.
7. Stepladder: This may be necessary when installing wallpaper on tall walls.
8. Carpenter leveler: It is a 2-foot tool used to hand the wallpaper straight on the wall. You don’t want to install a slightly bent wallpaper on your wall.
9. Wallpaper prep tray: Used to mix the wallpaper paste or adhesive.

Are customized options available?

Yes, Mon Wallpapers offer their customers customized options to input their style and designs into their wallpapers. Customers can either choose from Wallmur collections of designs or customize one that suits their lifestyle and artistry.

Do you do samples? If so how big are they?

Yes we offer samples on all wallpapers. Samples are typically 42cm wide x 29,7cm high. Standard samples are charged at 25 USD. Delivery for samples is free. Please note that samples cannot be returned and on very rare occasions an increased cost may be incurred for more expensive wallpapers.

Will the colors be exactly the same as what I see on the screen?

There can be some variation between computer/phone screens and the final printed product. This is due to individual brightness and color intensity settings. Also, There may be differences in color depending on the material.

What's the panel size's ?

Wallpaper comes in panels and the number of the panel is written on the bottom of the panels.The dimensions of the panel are approximately 30"W x your wall height for self-adhesive material. The dimensions of the panel are approximately 38"W x your wall height for non-woven and textured material.

How do you deal with complaints?

If your product is faulty or broken, we will replace it free of charge. Send an e-mail to with the following information:
1. Your order number
2. Tell us why you want to return the product
3. Wait for an answer accepting your return with instructions for how to return your product.

How long will delivery take?

When you have placed your order, we usually manufacture it the 2-3 days. It is sent immediately by our partner UPS and the delivery time is 2-6 days. Depending on your country, local customs and duties may apply.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We support all payment methods accepted worldwide. You can make your payments through credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery).

If you have to pay via other payment channels, please contact us.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

IT'S FREE! There is no shipping fee for your purchases of $100 or more. Shipping fee for purchases below this amount. is $25

What exactly happens after ordering?
  1. Siparişiniz esnasında giriş yaptığınız duvar kağıdının ölçülerini kontrol etmek için sizinle iletişime geçiyoruz.
  2. Daha sonra yüksek kaliteli üretimi geçekleştiriyoruz.
  3. Duvar kağıdınızın gönderim sırasında zarar görmeyeceğinden emin olmak için sert karton tüplere yerleştiriyoruz.
  4. Son olarak adresinize FEDEX firmasını kullanarak hızlı bir şekilde gönderiyoruz.